About Me + Contact

Arabella Kennedy-Compston is an BA Film Studies student at King’s College London, focally interested in queer and psychoanalytic film theory.

She is a strong advocate for representation in the media, inclusion and accessibility – she is the creator of the petition linked below, and strives to aid the goal of making cinema and visual culture more accessible for all.

Sign and Share – Make Subtitling Programs a Legal Requirement When Broadcasting or Streaming (UK): https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/314443.

Arabella is openly bisexual, and has written a piece for Lush’s Diversity and Inclusion collection here: https://uk.lush.com/article/pride-and-prejudice-my-bisexual-experience.

She is a budding screenwriter, currently developing her project ‘Ameliorate’ which she will also direct. She has experience as a cinematographer, most recently on the production ‘Database’ (available soon). Arabella is also a freelance photographer for live events and the official photographer for Dollhouse Arts (based in Newbury). She has been deemed as among the ‘next generation of writers’ (Jingan Young) and is eager for new and collaborative opportunities.

Arabella is also Co-Founder and Editor for Valtesse Magazine, an all inclusive platform for people to voice their opinions and share their work, regardless of background and previous opportunity. More news coming soon…

Interested in collaborating? Contact ‘Bella on any of the platforms below and she’ll be in touch soon.

Twitter: @bellahkennedy
Instagram: @bellakennedyfilm
Email: bellakennedy08@gmail.com